• The Drummonds This collective trio featuring Ray Drummond on bass, Billy Drummond on drums and Renee Rosnes on piano have recorded 3 cds and will be recording their 4th CD this month for the Video Arts label.

  • One to One- a duo with pianist Bill Mays. A most intimate small group setting. Though Ray and Bill have known each other for over thirty years, they began playing together in the mid 80s and formed One to One in 1990 and recorded their first CD together.

  • The Ray Drummond Quartet- with Craig Handy, Stephen Scott and Billy Hart. The CD of this Quartet will be released on Arabesque in October of 1998. In the past members of the quartet included; David Hazeltine, Kenny Werner, Bill Stewart and Kenny Washington. The original Ray Drummond Quartet was formed in California in 1977 and consisted of Manny Boyd, Paul Nagle and Eddie Marshall.

  • The Ray Drummond Quintet- with Steve Nelson on vibraphones and Craig Handy on saxophones. Thomas Chapin and Gary Bartz have also played in this group.

  • The Ray Drummond Quintet- the second Quintet that Ray Drummond leads consists of 2 saxophones; usually Craig Handy and David Sanchez or Thomas Chapin (also featured on flute). Both Quintets feature a rhythm section which has included Renee Rosnes, Danilo Perez, Marvin "Smitty" Smith and Billy Hart.

  • The Excursion All-Star Band- is composed of Craig Handy and David Sanchez, saxophones; Danilo Perez, piano, Mor Thiem, percussion and Billy Hart, drums. This group is based on the Arabesque recording, Excursion. Recorded in 1992, this project illuminated an approach only dimly glimpsed before. Original music written by Drummond in the 1970s and 80s, primarily for the Quartet, when played by this band exhibit infinite new possibilities of expression, individually and collective. Leslie Gourse sums it up succinctly in the CD liner notes when she wrote that the project "blended African, African-American, Latin and European music - and by inference, cultural values - into an ecumenical work of art."

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