"He succeeds both as a composer and musical storyteller, but foremost as a leader."   JazzTimes

"Harnessing his formidable technique to a musical conception instead of just blowing off fireworks. Drummond showed why he's one of jazz' busiest and most respected bassists."   Gene Santoro, Daily News

"Apart from his exceptional intonation, dark melodies and witty rhythmical sensibility, what separates Drummond from other bassists is his abilities as bandleader and composer.   Robert Hicks, The Villager

"The show proved live jazz can take off no matter the venue. It also illustrated Drummond's Law: Live performance is the most direct form of communication."   Carlo Wolff, Goldmine

"Drummond soloed melodically, throughout each with amazing technical ability, his fast fingers traveling up and down his instrument with great precision, producing an incredible variation of notes."    Terry Duckett, The Easton (PA) Express Times

"…Drummond shows that he is a no-nonsense accompanist who lays down deep, strong bass lines that articulate the groove and inspire his band mates."    Eugene Holley, Jr., Amazon.com

"His deep, rich tone, and in-your-face bass attack is as sturdy as the proverbial oak tree, and as reliably swinging as they come."    Willard Jenkins, JazzTimes

"That dark voice, ponderous yet strangely articulate, tells stories with a dignity and poignancy no horn can touch."    Thomas Conrad, Stereophile

"For bassist extraordinaire Drummond, the blues is the continuum that links the worldwide sounds he draws inspiration from. Hence this CD, which features Drummond originals, standards by Ellington and Strayhorn, pieces by bass greats Oscar Pettiford and Scott LaFaro, and a Japanese folktune. Thanks to offbeat arrangements and heads-up players - including pianist Kenny Barron, flutist Thomas Chapin, trumpeter Randy Brecker and guitarist John Scofield - these blues are never predictable."    Gene Santoro, Daily News

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